Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh my goodness I missed a day!

How did that happen? I even had to check now as I didn't believe that I missed a day. I haven't missed a day since I started this at the tail end of 2010.

I can understand it as every second of yesterday was full. I woke up at 7:30 am and dropped at 1 am - falling asleep instantly last night.

The good news is that I didn't go off my 'diet' (hate that word).  I ate a bit more than usually as I was making a cake and not trying the frosting and batter is pretty much impossible, but I didn't go crazy and ended the day around 1600 calories for the day (target is 1400).

Yesterday started with me needing to get my older son up for school as he had his homecoming parade. Then I came home showered, breakfasted and then went to the parade. Did some laundry, made and ate lunch and then went to the pumpkin patch with my youngest and with my husband. After the pumpkin patch I went to the grocery store, made dinner and then started on this cake I needed to make for Sunday. Was making the cake and decorations from 7:30 pm until midnight. Then needed a bit of unwinding time and remembered a couple things I forgot with the cake, cleaning up a bit and then falling into bed.

This morning was a whir too - up, breakfast, cleaning the rest of the kitchen, off to Ethical Society, to a grocery store for items I can't get near me, home and soon, time to start dinner and so on.

So, I didn't miss a day because of being ashamed to come on and admit my shortcomings. The day just escaped from me - the entire day.

Water weight is still coming off, but taking it's time. Little by little, but at least it's moving out.

Stats for 10/23/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6   Now: 184.0

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