Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Begin to feel like myself again

After so much crap going around the house with sicknesses and then with being super busy and wearing myself out and getting a cold on top of it all (and that neck strain), I've kind of been in a rut. I wasn't ever giving up or going hog wild, but it was so hard to resist temptations and I did cave on a few sweet things. Things I can normally pass up with no problem were all of a sudden too hard to walk by without grabbing it.

But yesterday I did well. I didn't feel hungry. I didn't feel deprived and I felt good and strong all day. I even cooked mini pizzas and mini apple pies and didn't cave on eating any.

This morning, I can feel the same resolve. I don't feel that tug to grab an apple pie even though it's sitting on the counter - or sugar cookies or anything we have all over the kitchen that I shouldn't eat. It must mean that I'm well and rested.

I'm really in the mood to eat some eggs and sausage though. I think I'll make that for lunch. Feeling lazy this morning, I decided to look up how much a similar breakfast at McDonald's would cost me in calories. (I have frozen hashbrowns, sausage patties and eggs at home I could make, but I can't make those until my mother in law is awake and she usually sleeps until 10 am). I went to this link:  I can't quite figure out the number of calories in the exact combination of what I would eat, but it's definitely more at McDonald's than at home. I'm actually having a bit of a craving for a hotcake, so I looked up how many calories those were, have tempted to get the Big Breakfast with hotcakes (skipping the biscuit). That meal is about 1100 calories. I used to get that fairly frequently. Now it's true it would be my breakfast and lunch as it would fill me up for two meals, but I would then eat snacks and a huge dinner.

Breakfast foods - eggs and meat and veggies are actually not too bad in the calories department. It's when you add in the biscuits and hotcakes with butter and syrup that takes things over the top. An order of hotcakes at McDonald's is 470 calories and you know you would be hungry in an hour if that's the only thing you ate for breakfast. Not only that, the blood sugars always crashed when I ate pancakes for breakfast - even 'healthy' ones made with whole grains. Carbs are carbs as far as blood sugars react to them.

So, after reading that, I decided I did not need a McDonald's breakfast and will make myself eggs, sausage and hash browns for lunch. Two eggs, one hashbrown, one sausage and a slice of cheese with a dab of butter for cooking will be 556 calories - a good sized lunch (the time of day I'm hungriest). I typically eat an apple with cinnamon with 3 tablespoons of peanut butter for lunch. That combo is 375 calories and I always have to grab a 150-200 calorie snack about an hour after eating it (usually cheese). I won't need to grab a snack with this egg lunch. Might throw in some green pepper too which calories are negligible.

Good thing I ate breakfast already or else I would be drooling and torturing myself with writing about my lunch. I don't get a hankering for such a meal very often, but when I do, I partake as besides the cholesterol, it's a good meal. (especially when I throw in veggies. Though my diet is never lacking in fruit and veggies).

Stats for 10/26/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 183.2
Total number of hours exercised: 282
Total number of miles walked in 2011: 832/1000

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