Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Snowballing effect

My cats decided they needed to get into the action with making my life he$$, so last night at 7 pm I went to my room to get something and I see there is cat vomit on the side of the bed - on the bed. I was just investigating that when I see a huge went spot smack dab in the middle of the bed. Holy $#%*!!! What is that? It went through two blankets, both sheets, the mattress pad onto (a tiny bit) the mattress. That has to be cat pee! What the he$$!!!

So, while my son is feeling a bit better with his recent dose of tylenol working, I'm stripping my bed, cleaning my mattress and doing laundry so that we have bedding for going to sleep. We don't have a spare mattress pad, so getting it done then and there was important.

If I knew what cat it was, (we have two), I think I would have tossed that cat out the door and said, "see ya!", But I didn't know which cat, though I had my suspicions.

Anyway, my son's medicine was beginning to wear off and he was getting tired and needed to go to bed, but he didn't want to walk upstairs. So, I carried him. I haven't carried him in probably two years as he's heavy. As you recall - 67 pounds. Well, I carried him with no problem and no major huffing and puffing. All that exercise and weight lifting has made me stronger!

By the time all that was done and I had a chance finally to exercise, I just had to laugh at myself. Right... exercise now when I'm frazzled and now tired. Nope... not today. Life had other plans for me today.

Later, I realized our cats that usually follow us all over the place are not. Well, one is, but where is the other? When I went to clean the litter boxes downstairs, I found the other one, weird look on his face - acting strange. I checked on him again before going to bed and he was still hiding down there. Uh-oh. A sick cat. That peeing on the bed was a memo to me that something is wrong. Well, he definitely found a way to get my attention. The vomit would have been enough! This morning he is still down there. So... a vet call is in order.

My youngest son is feeling better, though tired. No fever, or not much of one this morning, but he's still in bed, so you know he can't be feeling that great.

I am signed up for a bodypump class this evening, so I will get some exercise today somehow. Egad what a month this has been!

But, the sun is back out after weeks of it disappearing again and I'm getting hopeful the plague will leave us soon. Helps that I'm back down to my all time low today too.

Stats for 10/4/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 181.8

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