Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wish the weather was like this all year

No bugs, low humidity, great temperature. Man, I wish I could keep this weather for months and months - OK, we could have a few cold days for snow, but otherwise, I want San Diego weather, please?

It's perfect gardening weather and I was out in the garden all day yesterday minus meal times and a slow start to the morning. Eight hours in all. I got nearly everything done that I wanted to get done. All the sod from the front yard is removed. All the bushes in the front yard are trimmed (save the humongous yew bushes that I can't decide what to do with them) and the weed barrier fabric is all picked up and filled four huge garbage bags. My older son mowed the back yard. My husband and younger son picked up the sticks/twigs from the bush trimming.

As a reward, the scale is down to a new all time low.  And that's another reason I wish we had this weather year round. I would garden year round and would never have gotten fat (well, OK, probably not true as I would bore of the weather and would run out of projects to do with the yard), but for now, I love spring and fall because it's when I lose the most weight because it's when I'm the most active.

So, I was out there for seven to eight hours of active working... Let's say 7 hours of activity as I did take mini breaks, had to get tools out of the garage, etc.  I was out there for 4 hours of active working the day before.  We aren't talking easy peasy stuff either.  I was doing this: Only difference was that I didn't roll up the sod. It's too heavy to pick up that way. I tore them up into 2 feet pieces, piled them in the wheelbarrow and then took it to the back yard to cover tree roots in a low spot in our yard.

I did this for 3 hours one day and 5 hours the next day. And, I have no sore muscles. Actually, my legs got less sore as they were recovering from a brutal strength training session on Wednesday. I could barely walk on Friday my quads hurt so bad. Now, on Sunday morning, I feel NO discomfort at all - not in my arms, not in my back and not in my legs despite all that exertion.

When I rented the sod cutter on Thursday evening, the guys at the equipment rental place were skeptical. I'm a girl. I was planning on doing about 200 square feet with a manual machine. I bet they were taking bets on how long it would take me to come back to rent the gas powered sod cutter.  And you know what what? it was lifting and hauling the sod that was the most work - not the cutting of the sod. Sod is heavy. Especially since this needed to be moist to be able to cut through the sod.

I'm proud of being able to do this and proud of my condition to be able to handle all that work without having to suffer from pain either. I love being strong!

Stats for 5/20/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 164.6

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