Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Changed my end goal weight again

I was vainly trying to get to 100 pounds lost for this final leg of the journey - 255 in January 2011 to 155 this summer some time which would be a 120 pound total loss.

However, what I'm realizing is that 155 might be a lofty goal. Maybe if I were training for a marathon or something I might see it, but otherwise, those days of being that thin are gone. I don't want to train 2-3 hours a day to hit a magical number on the scale.

It was my husband who finally convinced me that 160 was a more realistic goal and it is the number my doctors gave me years ago as my ideal weight for my frame size, so, I'll shoot for that. It doesn't seem impossible either and really, the 155 was beginning to feel impossible as slowly as this last bit of weight is taking to come off. I have to remember, I'm 42 years old. I have a large frame. I am large chested and I have loose skin (which also adds weight). My body fat percentage will probably fall below 25% around then too. 160 is fine.

I think where I am now with my weight loss is slowly hitting my maintenance level. I "might" get a whoosh at some point if I really push for it, but with normal activity and eating around 1400-1500 calories a day, I'm finding my body is pretty comfortable around this weight and I'm not willing to eat less as then I'm too hungry and might end up binging.

And, its' all fluid. I might find over time I drop to below 160 as I won't do anything to stop losing weight - where my body settles it where it settles with normal eating and activity.

For now it does my mental health good to see 160. It feels reachable.

Trying bodypump and bodystep combo tonight! Wish me luck!!!

Stats for 5/2/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 171.0


  1. I've fiddled with my "goal weight" a lot especially when I'm not sure what my body is capable of. Good luck with everything!

  2. I go back and forth on goal weights, too. I've decided that once I hit my first and primary goal weight of 165, the rest is just fluid depending on where I land. It is both an achievable goal for me and a substantive change - from beginning with class three morbid obesity to being in the overweight category for the first time in a decade. I just don't know where a good 'bottom' is for me, but it is likely a feeling or appearance-based thing rather than a number, once 165 is achieved.

  3. Yep, my first and primary goal was 175. I had NO IDEA that I would come to a standstill at that weight (or around that weight). Just now I was in the bathroom holding my loose skin. There's a lot of it and I find it so hard to tell what is fat and what is loose skin and what is possible to lose and what isn't. I could drive myself crazy!

    But this large framed girl is wearing a size 8 pair of shorts this evening (though a bit snug) and I think with a bit more toning and a tiny bit more lost, that I'll be as good as I can get within reason.