Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need to juggle my fitness better

When I started exercising, I worked out in my basement after my son went to bed. Then, in June I started going to the gym. For the most part I could go whenever I wanted. I just tried to avoid dinner times and the morning rush times, but that left most other times free.

Then, I started working on Sundays, that took away any Sunday classes at the gym. Then I started volunteering at my son's school, so I had to avoid classes over the noon hour. And now, I have a 20 hour per week job and that means now I need fit my fitness around those work hours, around my other job, around volunteering, around school drop offs and pick ups and around meal times and of course around anything else that might pop up. Phew! It's getting like I'm a really working stiff with a family to take care of too! It's getting much more difficult to juggle.

My new job is extremely flexible, but there are events I need to attend to - like today at noon I met with my boss over lunch. Tomorrow evening from 7-9 is a community event, so that means I can't go to bodypump like I usually do, and so on.

In a way I'm glad that this has all been a gradual taking away of my free time. It's given me time to ease back into things and to adjust to changes little by little, but I'm beginning to realize that I'm needing to get better about fitting in fitness - being more forward thinking about when I'm going to do it instead of thinking of it a few hours in advance or the day before. I need to plan a week or so in advance to plan around all my obligations.

Summer will help - mo more school and Sunday school to juggle around, but there's still home, kids home from school and the work hours. I'm up for it, but I need to be more mindful of it all.

Stats for 5/23/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 164.6

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  1. Bravo on the weight today, by the way ;).

    And I'm right there with you on getting busier and needing to prioritize fitness. When I started scheduling it into my day intentionally, just like the other things I had to complete, it started getting done with much better faithfulness and frequency! It still goes to the wayside sometimes, but I'd say I only miss a workout maybe once every few weeks. If what I have planned is too much time or difficulty for that day, rather than not doing it (what I used to be guilty of!) I just modify and do something lighter in that block, instead.

    It sounds so simple, but I swear these were revelations when I began them. LOL