Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So long 170s!!!

I hope to never, ever see you again!!!

It seems, that this cycle, I managed to get out of the 170s and stay out of the 170s for good - even during my ovulation gain I didn't spike back up to the 170s. I came very, very close with 169.8 yesterday, but it was 169.4 this morning as I start to shed my ovulation gain! Woohoo! One very small victory that seems immeasurably huge.

It's funny how there are these lines in the sand of "I will never cross you again." When I was in college and early marriage, that line was 200 pounds. Getting over 200 pounds, in my head, took me from being a bit overweight to enormously huge. Of course, that's a weird perception, but 200 was that line. Once I crossed it, irrationally, I thought 200 and 250 were the same. My next line was the 300 pounds mark. In my silly, messed up head, 300 was like the line of very overweight and fat to "Oh my god, I'm a whale and need an intervention" kind of fat. As I was creeping up higher and higher in the mid 2000s, I just hoped I wouldn't cross that 300 pounds. I didn't know if I could stop myself if I got there, but I like to think I could.

So now that I am out of the 170s, I have this new invisible line of the weight I hope to never, ever go over again.

For my body build and type and age, 170 is the line of looking a little overweight, to looking fit and 'just right'. So, I want to stay out of the 170s forever as that starts the territory of "uh-oh, we have a problem!" Plus, I worked so hard to get out of the 170s - nearly half a year to get through those pounds, that I never, ever, ever want to see them again - like ever. I think, in the end, that 155-165 will be the range I try to stick to. The idea of a 5 pound range won't work for me as I have a 5-6 pounds monthly range just with my menstrual cycle - no matter how good I am with eating and with exercise.

I'm not sure this month that I'll see any new lows as I upped my calories for several days this month and scaled back on my activity. But that's OK. Nothing is 'lost' of my routine, I'm just adjusting to working another job as well as juggling everything else. As long as I make all the adjustments without gaining weight, that's a plus for me and something I've never done before. I've always gained weight with a new job (though those were at a work site job and not a work from home job), but still. With working two jobs and volunteering, I'm 'working' about 35 hours a week and that's not including the painting, yard work, cleaning, cooking, etc that I do on a daily basis. Time is crunched!

Stats for 5/30/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 169.4


  1. Congrats on the scale moving downwards.. love it when working hard pays off!

  2. Congratulations on the new decade! Super exciting :D What a great way to finish off the month of May :)

  3. Woohoo! Never be seen again, 170's! That is when I mentally consider a weight 'gone', too, is when I can't swing up to it even with a big meal or hormones. I think your ten pound range is just fine, especially considering your body seems comfortable in it.