Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ah Mother's Day

Sundays are my busiest days because of teaching Sunday school. This Sunday was extra busy because of Mother's Day.  I made sure my youngest son made something for my mother in law. I had all the kids of Sunday School give handmade cards and flowers to the Moms at the Ethical Society platform today. Then it was grocery shopping, driving back home and more gardening, dinner, planning more of our vacation and now my husband is putting the 7 year old to bed.

Funny how even on a day that's supposed to be special for me (and for so many other moms) we are still doing for others - like Mom's needing to do something for their moms and so on - and grandkids doing something for grandma... Not much of a break for many moms I know!

Today I did manage to get out the rest of the awful weed barrier from the flower bed to the side of the house. Oh. my. goodness. That was a lot of work and there is stil so much to be done. I haven't even redistributed all the dirt yet! That will take another day or two. There's probably 6 inches of dirt too much all over that flower bed. What a disaster!

Eating, I did too much of it today and it's because I've had too little sleep for too many days in a row. Those cookies are mighty tempting when I need energy.  And today because of the pizza yesterday the scale was up and will probably be up again tomorrow with the cookies today. Oh well. I can just do better tomorrow.

Very tired right now, but glad to get a couple more hours in on the garden. That is hard, hard, heavy work. I had no sore muscles this morning though! Tonight I have one muscle tightening up on me, but that's it. Being more fit does help with all of that!

Stats for 5/13/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 165.8

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