Friday, May 11, 2012

90, 100 or 110 pounds lost from previous highs

Today I stepped on the scale and kind of looked in disbelief at the scale. 165.6. That is to the ounce 90 pounds less than I weighed when I started on this journey in January 2011. It is 100 pounds less from when we moved here two and a half years ago and and it is 110 pounds from my all time high.

And (too much information here), I hadn't gone to the bathroom for over 3 days which is normal for me, but even with a full gut, pretty obviously, the scale has been dropping.

These pounds were very hard fought. I had gotten down to 171 in mid December, then gained over the holidays which go through January 8th for our family. I then had to relose that 5-8 pounds of holiday fat. Then I got down a bit and then was stuck the last two months at 168 point something. So, to finally, finally see the scale moving pretty significantly for where I am in this weight loss journey, it's feeling pretty huge.

My end goal is only in 5.6 pounds. I could, if I were stupid, just stop eating and lose those 5 pounds in a week. That it's even possible to do that shows me how close I am to the end goal.  Will 160 be where I stop? I have no idea, because I'm not going to start eating more and pig out at 160. I'll keep being active and keep eating right and just see where the scale settles.  Even for body fat percentage, it's consistently giving me around 26% on the scale we have - which I know isn't accurate,  but a rough estimate. But what is clear is that I'm no longer tubby.

I will probably drop one more pant size as my 10s are beginning to feel looser and I have a couple 8s that fit me fine and a couple that I've tried that were a bit snug. With more fitness and a bit more weight loss, I could probably comfortably fit in an 8. That's equivalent (by my rough memory) about what used to be a size 12 or 14 in high school. I had to move up to 16s just as I was graduating and weighed 179 (in clothes, no shoes).

I'm not tiny and never will be tiny, but I'm getting lean - with lots and lots and lots of loose skin issues. But it's worth the extra skin to be healthy and fit and to have energy. Over time we'll see how much it shrinks up (or not). But regaining just isn't even a possibility and really, if I've been able to keep at this for 16 months, and even let myself have treats over the holidays, and relost that holiday weight, and dealt with a couple minor injuries that kept me from exercising - I feel pretty confident at keeping that weight off. I know how to maintain now. I know portion control. I know how movement is my friend. I think I will be successful at keeping the weight off.  To hell with statistics.

Anyway... a pretty big milestone today! 90 pounds since this effort, 100 since we moved here, 110 from my highest weight ever. 5.6 pounds to go!!!

Highest weight: 275  Now: 165.6

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