Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finishing up and the bod pod

Well, today is Day 1 of a new monthly cycle for me and I'm going to do everything in my power to make this month count. If I exercise regularly, eating under and eat well, I could lose the last 5 pounds to goal. I can do it - this - month. Do you know how exciting that is for me? To be really at a goal weight? Not just at a "let's see when I get there if I want to lose more" weight? It feels SO GOOD! I'm ready for maintenance. It's not much different than now, but it will be less days of going to bed slightly hungry. It will be eating at 1800 calories a day versus 1500 and so on. Same exercise. Same kinds of foods, just a little bit - a tiny bit of more calories.

This month is a good month to push for it too. I have tons of gardening to do. Tons of painting in the house to do and with the weather getting warmer, my appetite gets suppressed. Plus, whatever was ailing my neck/shoulder seems to be gone or better, so there's nothing holding me back at all. I can do this!!!

And I'm so super curious how my weight will go from there. Will it stay flat? Will it drop lower? Will I find it hard to maintain? And then, I'll need to ask myself, "How much flex pounds am I giving myself?" Will it be 160-165? Or, 155-160? I really don't know! I have to figure it out when I get there.

Another thing I want to do is to get my body fat tested with the bod pod. I just saw that on July 7th at one of the gyms with our membership that they have testing for $55. That's the best price I've seen and then I'll know, as accurately as it's possible to know how much fat I have on my body. Then I can work on that from there on (as I'm sure I'll need to lose more fat).  That gives me a bit under 2 months to firm up a bit more and even more reason to drop those few extra pounds before testing. I want to give it my best shot!!!

Wow... I can really almost touch the finish line now. 5.2 more pounds! Funny that I realllllly wanted to get to 165.0 this month and ended up at 165.2, but that .2 is mostly irrelevant. I just need to focus. Really focus and not get disappointed if it takes a bit longer, but realize that it's there, close and attainable!

Stats for 5/15/12:

Highest Weight: 275  Now: 167.0

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