Saturday, May 19, 2012

From out of the blue my teen said

Yesterday was a no school day for the kids. It was also a gorgeous day and we spent much of it outside.  My younger son and I went to a rock store, a nursery, the grocery store and then worked in the yard (he went in after awhile to watch a movie).

At that time, my older son came out and helped me with picking up sticks, mowing and readying the front yard for the big dig for the new flower bed. I started using the manual sod cutter when he was mowing the side yard.

He was gathering up the cord when he was done (we use a corded electric lawn mower) and said, "You look really good now." Out of the blue, not prompted - just a genuine thought this 15 (nearly 16) year old wanted to express. And this is a kid who NEVER shares his inner thoughts unless prompted to do so as he's so private (like his father).

And, because it wasn't prompted and because it was so genuinely said, it felt so great and so huge to hear. And I wasn't all glamorous right then either. I had my hair in a ponytail, no makeup and was wearing old tennis shoes, dirty green capris and a t-shirt - garden work clothes.

To look good even in my children's eyes is huge - especially a teenager's eyes.

Stats for 5/19/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 165.2


  1. Awe! That is so sweet, I'd be tearing up if my kids said that. And you know it must be dramatic if a private, teenaged BOY said so, right?

  2. I know Taryl - this is the age kids don't want to be seen with their parents and act all embarrassed that their parents even exist. So, yep, it was pretty huge - made my entire day!