Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So last night at the pool

The last few weeks we've been going to the pool a couple times a week to give our newly turned 7 year old son some practice time between swim lessons which he has on Thursdays. Our son has always loved to splash around in the water, but he was afraid to get his head wet and he was afraid to put on goggles/ Over the winter, however, he finally discovered the beauty of goggles and over the course of the last few weeks, he has learned to hold his breath under water, blow bubbles, etc.

Last night we went to the pool, my younger son, my husband and I. My husband was going to swim laps for a bit while my little guy and I practiced on his swimming skills. And it turned out that last night was a big night in so many ways.

First, my son (let me remind you his is high functioning autistic/Asperger's) finally got it with swimming. He's been lifting his feet off the ground and kind of floating in a cannon ball position with his head under water the last week or so, but last night I got him to put his feet behind him and kick. Which means he can swim! He also got enough confidence to float on his back unassisted last night too. So, it was a big, big, night and he and we all were soooooo proud of his accomplishment of learning to swim.

Of course, we had to stop my husband who was in the next lane over to show the big progress! Never saw a kid so proud of himself - and confident. All these accomplishments just add to his confidence that he's big and strong.

After my husband was done swimming, he came over to play with us. For fun, my husband and I decided to see who would sink the fastest in the pool with exhaling all our air from our lungs. And we sink equally fast. On back floating, his legs sink a LOT slower than mine. The other day we did the pinch test on the legs and my thin husband has more fat on his legs than I do (he tends to gain/hold weight in his legs).

It's all beginning to sink in that I'm not holding much fat on my body! I'm having fun in the water with watching/feeling myself sink. I've never been able to do that and it's kind of fun!

But, I need to stick with it with exercise, as I mentioned yesterday. My schedule is not as easy to work with, but that's no excuse to miss exercise!

And for stats - didn't weigh myself this morning. My husband was hogging the bathroom and I needed to get the little guy ready for school and so I ate breakfast - meaning I missed the morning weigh in completely.

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