Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sorting through clothes and more on loose skin

I have been living out of laundry baskets again for weeks and weeks as I hadn't gotten to sorting out the too big with the new "just rights".

Yesterday, I went through everything and it was so odd taking out dresses that I got last summer that I felt so good to be able to wear. They are all now way too big - size 14. I'm now in a 10 dress (and probably won't go smaller because of the rib cage size and breast size).  I'm not sure what to do with them yet. I might have them altered. I'll see. They were worn once or twice and are not unwearable for the opposite reason things usually got unwearable.

And what I'm putting in my wardrobe now are probably going to stay for awhile as I don't see my size changing too much from here on out and I like that. I like the clothes I have now and I like how I look in clothes. More than anything, I'll be curious how my body will change/morph as I continue on with getting more fit. Will it change? Will it stay about the same? It's all uncharted territory. I've never been this fit/active for this long before.

Just yesterday I pulled on a size 8 pair of shorts. They were 'slightly' snug - ever so slightly and I told my husband that they made me look smaller. He said they only made me look smaller because I'm fit. If I were flabby, it would make me look bigger. And he's right. I'm just not flabby any more.

Well, I am flabby, but it's loose skin flabby. I see more and more how much loose skin I have. My neck, my arms, my tummy, my thighs. WHile I've shrunk considerably, I wonder how much extra size I have just from loose skin.

A lady on the weight loss forum I read just had an apron of loose skin removed. She had lost over 200 pounds and looked great, but had a lot of loose skin. Now with it removed, she has dropped a couple pant sizes and I'm sure she's not even done swelling yet and will drop even smaller.

In the size 8s yesterday, they fit great, but I could see the loose skin was the part that was making them fit a bit tight. We'll just see with time how much it shrinks up or if I'll just have that from now on.

I read all the time of obese women worrying about loose skin, but good grief, loose skin is ever so much better than being fat. In every way! So why do we worry about it so much??? While I hate it, yes, I wouldn't get fat again to be rid of it. NO WAY!!! I just wish I didn't have a forever reminder of my bad food and lifestyle choices. But if it's only loose skin and no health side effects? I'll take the loose skin.

And when I get to goal. I WILL post photos - the good and the bad and the ugly. Don't have any before photos of bad skin, but it wasn't pretty!

Stats for 5/3/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 172.4

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