Friday, June 19, 2015

How did I miss it? One month on plan!

Was YESTERDAY! So... today I will mark one month and one day!

So, I finally got my act together on a random day as it just finally "clicked". I was ready. I've been meaning to be ready for the previous 6 weeks, but wasn't quite there yet and then it really was, "Today is the day." (Depression finally fully lifted?)

In that month I have eaten on plan (within calorie goal) and it's been easy peasy to follow so far. Even on days I worked 12-13 hours at work (this past Monday and Wednesday and Thursday), I didn't even come close to going off plan.

Even when my mom had a heart attack and I was dealing with a lot of emotions, I didn't go off plan.

Exercise is still touch and go, but I'm doing more and moving more intentionally both with working in the house and in the garden, but also taking more walks. And as we get the craft room and rec room finished up (which is movement for sure - my hamstrings and glutes were hurting for DAYS from last weekend's efforts), I will have more at home options for exercise. I even ordered a couple of my favorite step aerobic videos in DVD form and asked and received recs for some new stuff to do!

The scale keeps working its way down and so does my blood pressure (last night's reading being the lowest yet - 106/65 (with BP meds) and I am getting a bit smaller. Yesterday some slip on shoes I haven't worn in a month were loose around the foot, so that was also a good sign.

Of course, nothing like an unflattering photo to show me how far I have to go and how heavy I had become (again). (Taken yesterday) I never look like a small woman (as I'm not), but now I look huge! UGH!!! But... it can only get better and it is getting better. One day at a time.

So, I began this reboot on 5/18/15. I've lost 20.2 pounds (slowed down this past week as my monthly visitor added some water weight). NO WAY will I lose that much this coming month - I'll be happy with half that!!! But it is a great start - a motivating start to taking this weight off, hopefully for the very last time.

I can accept that perhaps in winter I might gain a bit and then need to work some off in spring as I am hungrier and more tired in winter (and antidepressants probably won't be a miracle drug) but "some" shouldn't be TONS as it is right now.

OK, today is my day off (and much needed), so I'm off to go clean and organize and MOVE!


  1. Wow! Congrats on sticking to plan for the month and dropping a whopping 20 pounds! It's taken me 5 months just to drop 23. I had a moment several weeks in where things just 'clicked' for me, too. I guess the exercise and healthy food finally catches up and helps lift the depression and lethargy.