Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh when realities smack you in the face

Just before this conference, I decided I needed to buy myself a blue skirt. I have several navy blue tops in my current size that don't go with the black skirt I have, so I decided to go for a search at both TJMaxx and Marshalls. While there, I took a peak at other things too.

I know I'm down about 23 pounds, so felt that should make some difference in my clothing size, but no. It really doesn't. The first batch of things I took to the fitting room, not a thing fit.

There are all these cute dresses and all sized too small. I had this wild hope of a 16 fitting and no way. Some 16Ws yes.

In the end I bought a pair of linen like navy blue capris in 1X (which are a little baggy), but at least I now can wear the three shirts I have in my current size with something! But for the most part,  I simply looked big and bumpy in everything I tried on.

Yet, I know I'm getting smaller. My underwear fit way better. The one blue blouse's arms didn't fit and now do. Just that I had gone OVER my weight where I was 5 years ago. I was back to my weight that I was before we moved to Columbia. I was just 12 pounds shy of my all time high of a decade ago. That is INSANE!!!

I'm not discouraged, just a bit shocked at myself. I'm sitting here, shaking my head at myself.

Oh, well, I have dusted myself off and I'm at it again and hopefully will have a better tool chest to keep it off this time. I'll be able to wear my cute clothes bagged up in my closet soon enough.

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  1. You don't need to pressure yourself too much here. Fitness takes time. It's as much about fighting old habits as much as keeping to a diet, and our bodies tend to take some time to form around our new habits. A slim build should also be an expression of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle, and not just be for aesthetic reasons. Just keep up your diet and exercises, and the results will eventually show.

    Isaac Bush @ Orangetheory Fitness