Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So bugged by misinformation about how we can "undo" the weight gain damage

Maybe I'm bugged because I "can't" fix the damage? Maybe I'm bugged because I cannot believe people believe the things they type/write? I don't know but man it bugs me to hear:

"Use this cream to not get stretch marks."
"Use this cream/method to make stretch marks disappear."
"Lose slowly to not get loose skin."
"Eat right to not get stretch marks or loose skin."
"Do arm strength training to get rid of bat wings (loose skin on the arms)."


I just want to ask these people this one simple question, "If you think it is that simple to not get stretch marks or to get rid of stretch marks or to not get loose skin, don't you think there would be NO ONE with stretch marks and loose skin?"

It insults my intelligence to hear such spouted things. It makes me mad because it gives people false hope. It also is belittling to hear these remedies.

Of course, for many people, it will seem like these tricks did work. "Look, I used a cream and I didn't get stretch marks!" Prove to me it was the cream. Did you only use it on half your belly?

"I started doing strength training and the skin on my underarms slowly tightened up as muscle filled the skin." First, anyone, ANYONE should know that muscle is smaller than fat. See here?

So, normal strength training will actually make your arms become smaller and therefore you will actually have MORE loose skin, not less, especially on the non-shoulder region.

Two, PROVE it was strength training and not just time that finally shrank up the skin? Did you exercise one arm and not the other? No? Then how can you be sure?


The one that reallllly gets me, "You will have less loose skin if you lose more slowly." No... you will have less loose skin because your weight loss and your ability to shrink up skin is more in sync time wise. We can lose weight much faster than our skin can bounce back (if it ever does).

Now, if seeing the loose skin will gross you out or derail your weight loss efforts, then, by all means, take it slowly. It just means you'll get thinner more slowly, but whatever works for you, but DON'T tell me it's the reason you don't have loose skin!

I guess I'm just in a mood today. Seriously!


  1. I think it's 80% luck, 20% genetics. Period. :)

    1. I might reverse the luck and genetics, but it definitely isn't because of some cream or action!