Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quest bars

last time down this road, I used a lot of Atkins low carb, protein bars.  They were tasty and held my hunger for a couple of hours.  Last summer, I started hearing the buzz about Quest bars, but I never found them locally and wasn't up for ordering them.  I found a few other ok protein bars and used Muscle Milk shakes and that was fine.

Well, when I was ready to start this time, I found Quest bars at a local grocery store, so I bought one of each variety the store sold.   I also did some online searching and saw people's reviews and people's favorites and least favorites.  I read things like, "Tastes like a real cinnamon roll!" and "Tastes like lemon Pledge." and "When heated, it tastes like a warm brownie."  Ok I thought, let's see.

Well, good thing there are many varieties as I found I hated some and really liked others.  My local store only carries about half the varieties, so I then ordered a variety pack from online to try more flavors.  I still have a few to try, so I'll probably order them singly to try them all before investing in a box of any particular flavor.

They are $2 per bar, but that $2 is what gives me the ability to skip lunch, essential. It's twenty grams of protein (mostly whey proteins) and fairly low carb. Now, do I think they taste great? No. I don't. But that is good too. They taste good enough for me to eat them, but not so good to make me want to eat more than one of them, they aren't a temptation for me.

Basically, for me, I don't like the peanut butter and chocolate flavors, which is surprising to me and contrary to many people's opinions. So basically, don't believe other people's reviews. Try them for yourself.

So what flavors have I tried?  Those with a mark beside them are the flavors I have tested. Double negative signs means I really, really didn't like it. A single negative sign means it's toler,able, but I wouldn't buy it. One positive sign means I like it ok. Two positive signs means I really like it.  

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