Monday, June 29, 2015

Well, I'm home and I'm hungry

Getting back with the program with eating intermittently is a bit of a doozy today, but now I realize it's because the last real meal I ate was a HUGE brunch yesterday around noon. I had a protein bar for dinner (as I still wasn't hungry) and then I went back to my old routine of fasting through the day and eating my big meal at night. Well, my body knows it's ingested less than 500 calories in the last 28 hours! That is for sure! So, I'm hungry!

Last night when I got home from the conference I wanted to take a walk. We were in the car for about 7 hours with traffic delays and I just needed to move after that! Then, later at night I could feel my feet swelling. The straps on my sandals got tighter and tighter. I had to loosen them a bit. And, sure enough, the scale was up over 2 pounds this morning. It was so weird, I could feel the swelling happen. Travel does that to me, I guess! I'm not worried about it as I know I am eating on plan, besides a few more carbs than usually, so it will come off sooner than later.

Add to all of that, I'm just TIRED. Think I'm going home, actually!

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