Monday, June 15, 2015

Caught by surprise

I didn't set the alarm for this morning. I always wake up early in the brighter parts of the year, so I thought there would be no way I would sleep past 7:30 which is when the alarm is set to go off. Well, I was wrong. I had a hard time sleeping during the middle of the night, so my sleep pattern and quality got thrown off. So, I slept a bit longer than planned. I awoke naturally at 7:45 am.

Since now we were in a hurry, I did everything in a hurry. I got up, peed, hopped on the scale, noticed a nice drop, got dressed (showered last night), woke my youngest son up for school, got breakfasts ready, packed my son's lunch and my snacks, get my son to school just in time and then started my commute in to work.

I got everything done on time, but with no thinking time. It wasn't until I stopped to pump some gas in the car that I realized, "Wait... what did the scale say this morning?" I pulled up my app and saw the new weigh in. Yep... it was what I just realized - I've lost a full 20 pounds  since May 18th. Wowzers! I've never, ever lost like that. I'm not starving myself. It feels good, but the weight (so far) is just melting away. 

20 pounds is not a small amount! of potatoes (water mostly)

20 pounds of fat looks like this (I didn't lose just fat - but water and muscle too - that is inevitable). A combo of that much "stuff" was removed from my body in the last 29 days.

And first clothing items are biting the dust sort of. I had to pin my prairie skirt today. It was loose-ish when I got it on clearance 6 weeks ago. Now it slips down the hips. I had to pin it. The t-shirt I'm wearing hangs on me. I had to tuck the clothes hanger strings around my bra strap so the shirt didn't slip off my shoulder. Again, this was loose-ish when I got it with this skirt 6 weeks ago. Soon, I'll be able to closet shop, but I will probably need to buy a couple of used/clearanced items to get my by too as I don't have much in the sizes below this either as I ballooned up over the fall/winter, not summer. I have now WAY too small summer clothes, some summer clothes that will maybe fit in like August, but then these that are getting too big. I'll have to see what I can do about that as I pass through these temporary sizes. Pins and simple tacking with the sewing machine might have to do.

Weight loss reboot: 5/18/15:
Weight loss so far: 20.1 pounds