Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ha! Ha! It can be done!

You can lose weight while at a conference, while eating the conference food and not feel deprived!  I stepped on the scale and saw a new low on the scale by half a pound.

I was even beating myself up a bit last night as I indulged in dessert that wasn't even that tasty.  I was mad at myself for the "not tasty" part. I shouldn't waste calories on food I don't thoroughly enjoy when there are foods at the table I would enjoy more. I could have gotten more fish or some prime rib  instead of eating the super mediocre cake and tart.

It all fit within my calorie allotment, but it was empty carbs and not enjoyable ones at that.  Boo to that! I guess I was wanting something sweet and wasn't discriminating.  But yay to the scale going down!!

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