Friday, June 12, 2015

Here's one way to burn at least or over 1500 calories in a day!

My favorite type of exercise is exercising with a purpose and that is exactly what I did today. MINIMALLY it was a full 3 hours of cutting, lifting, rolling, pulling, bagging, etc. Now, full disclosure, my son carried these up the flight of stairs and out of the house. I just worked on the actually getting it to the point of throwing it away.

Then, there was some time of sweeping, cleaning out the cat boxes outside, and more such things. My gizmo said that this should be roughly 1500 calories  for 3 hours. I don't know if it's accurate, but it was exhausting, but I got something USEFUL done... much better than hopping around the gym.

Extra "bonus" I guess is that on this super hot day, I was in the coolest room of the house, so at least there was that.

These are the before photos - taken a couple years ago - but it looked nearly identical now (remember you can always click on a photo to make it bigger):

This is what it looks like now - after ripping up 680 square feet of carpeting:

Plan is to put down new flooring - this:

These are vinyl floors, but special ones that are good for basements AND shock absorbent and often times used in gyms and exercise facilities. Here's how they look cross section and underside.

Put in ceiling panels in the frames already there. (Ceiling tiles used to be there, but were removed before we moved in when we did mold remediation). I'm thinking these drift ones or these plain ones:

Paint the white walls two tones as we have a chair rail going along the whole room (probably gray on bottom and light blue on top - undecided on what color the chair rail should be).

And then move to reorganizing the last third of the basement which needs a bit of weeding through and restacking/organizing.  The old butler's pantry we removed from upstairs when we moved in and made that pantry and half bath into a full bath on the main level.

The peninsula part of the original kitchen we took out when we remodeled shortly after moving in. Yes, my kitchen as late as 2010 had avocado colored formica countertops!:

And the shelving we have for storage: (and it doesn't look this tidy right now)

I know the carpets look fine in the photos but they were full of stains and despite cleaning them several times, we couldn't get them clean. Plus, they were remaining from when we did mold remediation... and carpets are mold traps. Our basement has been dry since we moved in as the previous owner added a second sump pump and did some other drainage work, but that mold was probably still in the carpets.

Plus, for ping pong, aerobics, etc, a  smoother floor is nicer. So, I'm excited we got the worst of it OVER WITH!!!

I'll keep you updated - tomorrow is remove the rest of the foam (very little stuck) and the tack strips which will be a nightmare as they were nailed into the concrete!!!

I'm tired though, can you imagine?

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