Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Going to a conference Thursday through Sunday

And... that conference has meals included in the fees. Sigh... What to do about that?

When I first signed up for this (recently, not LONG ago), I thought, "Ok I will not do intermittent fasting during that conference as everyone will be eating around me and that is a good time to mingle and chat with various people. NOT eating would be weird and rude." Plus, I was thinking of taking it as a mini diet vacation as I have no other plans for a trip this summer, so it would be a minor bump in the long haul of things.

I wasn't planning on going crazy or anything, but I wouldn't be calorie restricting as much as I am now - for certain. I would still avoid big meals and probably most desserts, but even normal meals out of the home are usually highly caloric and would lead to gain territory versus losses territory.

Now that it's here - I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm not so certain I want to take a mini break. The meals are a sunk cost. They are part of the package. I can eat them - or not. I didn't pay extra for them and on top of that, it's a work expense, so it's not even money out of my pocket. I have no obligation to EAT.

And, I am on such a role. And it feels so good. I have bins and bins of clothing that are too small for me. Beautiful clothes I would love to wear again and getting there faster rather than later would be GREAT!

Also, I feel great doing what I'm doing. I don't feel starved and I don't feel like I'm having to give up anything (so I don't feel like I'm missing out). Though, it might feel that way if I'm hanging out with people who are eating!!!

Lastly, I'm going alone - not with my family. It's not going to feel much like a vacation. And the food may not even be that great! I would rather go over on calories and blow the calorie budget on trying new foods at new places and so on. Not while at a conference for work eating hotel food. This is on top of me being in my monthly stall out too. I'm already seeing little to no movement on the scale. I'm not looking forward to adding to the scale upward tick trend!

So, I'm torn about what to do. Skipping breakfast should be easy. It's the other two meals I'll have to think about! I guess I'll find out!

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