Sunday, June 14, 2015

Revisiting the paper towel analogy

I wrote about this article way back when. Back then, in the forums I was on, people knew about it, but it's been out of circulation lately, so I mentioned it recently and then had to link the article. I would like to do that again.

So, first, here, the article.

And now my continued observations.  So, as of this morning I've lost 18.9 pounds. Even to me I'm just beginning to be able to see it in my face and in how my clothing fits. I wore a dress today that was a bit too tight to wear comfortably a few weeks ago. I did wear it before, but with a sweater that was fastened over the front to hide the bulging belly better AND with shape wear underneath. Not today. It fits almost perfectly, but will fit even better with another 10-20 pounds gone (it's a stretchy material).

The too tight skort I got a bit over a month ago - one that I could zip, but not feel comfortable in with the large muffin top, now fits perfectly with no muffin top.

18.9 pounds and I still wear the same size. Like a roll of paper towels, I don't notice 10 sheets missing from a full roll of paper towels.

18.9 pounds near my ideal weight would probably mean 2 pant sizes. I would totally notice the size of the paper towel roll with 10 sheets missing if there were only 15 left to begin with.

It's just interesting and a bit dangerous in fooling ourselves that we aren't getting that much bigger. The larger you are, the more weight range there is per clothing size. 30 pounds at my size 20. (My top size ever).

I'm currently an 18... I was an 18 18.9 pounds ago too.

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