Saturday, June 27, 2015

Did something I've never done and it's a bit crazy

and I know it!

I left Thursday morning for a conference.  It was about 5-6 hours to drive here (car pooled), so we arrived Thursday evening.  My eventual plan was to try to stay on plan for the trip as much as possible. I knew it would be harder and it wouldn't be perfect, but I wasn't going to take a diet free weekend.

To ensure I would stay on plan and stay accountable, I decided to pack my scale.  Something that is completely crazy. Something I've advised against when other people ask if they should bring their scale, but in the end, when I saw I had tons of room in my little carry on suitcase, I decided to pack it.  It was a last minute decision and not well thought out, but in the suitcase it went.

When we got here Thursday night, I had only had my normal foods for the day, so the evening appetizers were my dinner. I was afraid that would be horrible, but there was hummus, cheeses, cold meats, grilled vegetables and crusty breads and crackers.  I have no way to track those calories, but it was probably petty close to being on target.

Yesterday, the first full day of the conference, I started the day about as I do usually with coffee and half and half, but had two cups throughout the day versus my usual one.  For lunch, it was a stir fry buffet, but they had nice salad options, so I had a light salad with sesame ginger dressing and 4 tiny vegetable spring rolls (about the size of my pinky from the middle knuckle up).  For dinner it was a "taste of Italy". For that meal, I had a small Caesar salad (no croutons) and two fillets of chicken, some grilled vegetables and a half slice of garlic bread. 

My carb count is up, for sure, but not in a way to trigger me, but my decisions have been intentional and controlled and I haven't felt deprived (so far).

The first day I put the scale on the industrial carpeted floor next to my bed.  Well, even that carpet interfered with an accurate reading - as much as I would love to believe the 132 pounds it said, that, of course, is impossibly too low. So, I moved it to the bathroom tile and used that this morning.

Scale is ticked up about 1.5 pounds, but that could be carb (glycogen) water weight or, my monthly gain as I near ovulation.  Time will tell, but I am trying to stay on plan and craziness or not, I have the scale to document it.

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