Sunday, June 21, 2015

Comparing this weight loss to the one in 2011

Ugh.  I had written a long post and just needed to grab the image.  I lost it all!  I have a very hate relationship with my iPad recently!  

Anyway.... In 2011 I did a lot of things to document and celebrate losses.  I took measurements.  I took photos. I celebrated each 10 pounds lost visually with each 10 pounds representing a pizza slice "disappearing" from a pizza pie.  It was all new and it was a big deal.

It's still a big deal, but I know what to expect,  I know how my body will change.  I know what I will look like and what sizes I can expect to wear at each given weight.  A lot of the excitement is gone in this weight loss.

I did decide though to document this loss compared to the one in 2011.  I have learned a lot since then and I know what works for me so much better now.  I've done a lot of fine tuning.  It's easier and I really think I found something I can do forever. 

 I am not competing with that effort. Each day is its own day. There were months I had it really together, and months I struggled. It will be that way again this time too. But for now, I can definitely see how this different approach and more fine tuned approach really differed initially at least! 

Lost 7 pounds the first month in 2011. lost 20 this time in 2015.  Weight is about the same - just 8 pounds different starting weight.

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