Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming up with a fitness plan

I need to come up with something that a. I will enjoy and b. is easy to do with my schedule.

When I did this thing eons ago, I did fitness videos and that worked great (all VHS). I threw in a bit of running toward the end of that too.

This last time 4 years ago, I started with walking video game, then I started hitting the gym for various cardio and weight training classes. I had a lot of free time and flexibility so it worked well. Now I don't have as much flexibility.

What I "think" I want to do fitness at home. I love step aerobics, so I want to get some step videos and maybe some zumba videos. For strength (I'm a bit hesitant with that yet as I'm still dealing with some injuries) I would like to try to do TRX mostly, but maybe my husband and I could fit in going 2 times a week to the gym for that. Once on Saturday and maybe once some other evening or early morning. That one is "iffy" as I have to be careful.

I can "say" I want to walk, but I freaking hate the humidity. Doing it midday at work would be icky as I would get so hot. Mornings are so rushed, that it would be tight and by nighttime, I'm tired.

To do workouts at home though, we have to fix up our basement. That initially will have to be the first workouts as we pull up carpet, pads and then lay cork flooring. Having a home gym would be great though! And for working out is about the only thing I would want to do in the basement. I hate dark, windowless rooms!

All of this "thought" is good though. Means I am getting back in the groove and wanting to move more!

Restart 5/18/15:
Down 11 pounds


  1. I think the key is finding something you will actually do and take your time building back up. I started with just 20 minutes of walking a day and have built up quite a bit. If you don't like humidity (I feel you - I'm in N Texas!), workout videos are a great start.

  2. Sounds like an entire post of excuses why you can't exercise.

    If you want to do it, you'll find a way.

    Is there some reason you can't join a gym near work and go before or after and just do cardio or a class? Twice a week maybe while you're thinking about how to remodel your basement...come on.

    1. Exercising in the home is an excuse to not exercise? And have you ever ripped up carpeting? hauled them upstairs? hauled flooring downstairs, etc? THAT is exercise with a purpose - way better than jumping around in the gym. We arent' hiring it out. We are doing it ourselves and it will be LOTS of exercise!

      Where in this post do you read I'm making excuses to not exercise? When did anything but working out in a gym become "lesser than?"

      And no - I cannot go to the gym. My days are maxed out as it is. A gym would take 2 hours of my day - two hours I do not have. If I want to be able to stick to something, I have to be able to do it without resenting it and right now, that would make me resent it TONS as that would mean other things I need to get done wouldn't get done. (like ripping up the basement floors and putting in new ones).