Monday, April 7, 2014

Triumphs and exhaustion

This weekend was a good one. I got two walks in. I had a big event to ready for on Sunday and kid wrangled 21 kids in a room for a project that they were able to complete as well. Then I came home to mountains of dishes to do and things to clean up.

I got everything done and now... I'm exhausted. I need Monday to recuperate from my weekend! A bum thyroid makes it worse, of course.

But... it was all good. I made a HUGE cake this weekend and despite a few disasters in the process (soupy Italian buttercream anyone?) and lots of sugar and yummy stuff around, I didn't nibble. At the event I ate just one small slice of cake to test, but otherwise stuck to veggies and cheese at the snack table. It's been a long time since I avoided most of that crap.

This morning I had a follow-up with my nurse practitioner. BP is still coming down. And everything else is wait and see. Thyroid is rechecked in 6 weeks. Everything else in 3 months. I was happy to see her scale down 5 pounds this morning.  At home I'm down 3.4 pounds - it's a start and pretty good for one week! Gotta love water weight losses at the beginning of a diet change.

Switching to low carb (despite that one small piece of cake) has been pretty easy - surprisingly. I think having it be spring helps as I simply DO NOT want heavy foods in spring. It's all about veggies.

Only bummer for the day is that I have to drive to Virginia in the rain to get the new crown put on. I had to have an ill-fitting one replaced. I also have my 6 month cleaning too. It wouldn't be such a bummer if I could do something else while in VA, but it truly is pop in and out so that I can get home in time to pick up the kids from school on this rainy day. My mother in law "could" do it, but it's such a huge production, that I hope to make it back in time. She gets way nervous about such things.

But... I'm exhausted. Rainy day definitely doesn't help!

Start: 241.6
Now: 238.2

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  1. I am always amazed at how good it feels to get back on track and then I wonder why it took me so long. I'm struggling to get on track and you are motivating me. I am 43 and have some health stuff, a busy family and I even lived with my mil for 13 years. Thanks for sharing your journey. Have a great week!