Saturday, April 5, 2014

Man did it smart to walk by all those cute, small clothes yesterday

So yesterday was part two of getting some clothes that FIT. I have currently, one skirt, 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts that fit. And they are all for winter. Everything else is a couple sizes too small - including everything for spring and summer. There is no getting around getting a few outfits until I shrink down and even then, I'll probably need to get the next size down too - a few things.

I went to TJMaxx and Marshalls and perused their clearance racks in the plus section. You know, that place I never wanted to have to shop in - ever again.

Seems my size is between a 14W-18W depending on the manufacturer/cut of the item. And between 1X and 2X on top. I managed to get a few tops and a skirt and one pair of jeans to get me by, but I wasn't overly excited about anything I saw on any of the plus size racks, clearance or regular.

To get to the plus size racks, you have to walk past all the misses sizes and man are there a lot of really cute things. Pretty colors. Cute designs. Just fun! The plus sizes? YUCK! And it wasn't just my attitude, they were dreary and dark and boring. But I found a few coordinating things to get by, so it will do.

To add to that feeling that they don't know how to make cute plus size clothes, last evening I watched a couple of episodes of Under the Gunn, a spin-off of Project Runway. One of the episodes was "dressing the real woman" and as usual, most of the women had nice bodies that are easier to design for, but one was curvier than the others. Guess whose outfit looked the most ill-fitting on the runway? As is the case every single time on these shows. Designers - we are not models. We have shapes... LEARN TO DESIGN FOR DIFFERENT SHAPES!!! Learn that some women are big on the bottom. Some are big on top. Some are straight. Some have big thighs. Some have short torsos and some have long torsos, and so on.

That is why you find designers that work for you. Like, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren pants are much more likely to fit me and fit me well that other designers. When I was thinner, LuckyJeans did too. Other brands do not fit me well, but in plus sizes, it's even more hit or miss.

Anyway, back to shopping. I have also needed to get some more fitness clothes. Man did I feel out of place and like a fraud in the sports store day before yesterday. That and almost everything on the racks were for people with no jiggle and nothing to hide. I don't know what changed, but 4 years ago there was more variety for plus size fitness or "larger" normal size fitness clothes. Then, I could find fitness skorts, short sleeved tops that fit, but weren't skin tight and short. Now? I see skin tight bottoms or super short shorts and everything's sleeveless or long sleeved. Skorts? I found TWO - both in clearance sections. I loved my fitness skorts! Now I'm sad I didn't keep them!

I also tried on some swimsuits. Oh lordy. It's always bad, but if I thought I looked awful in suits at 165-175 pounds, Pfft, I look plain dreadful at 240 pounds! ACK!  I'll probably have to order something from LandsEnd, which, when I had gotten thinner, they didn't fit right, but for now, it's probably my best bet.  I want to start some swimming to get back into fitness and probably some water aerobics - especially as I'm still bothered by some injuries.

In a nutshell, shopping for clothes was painful and not a pleasant experience. Soon, hopefully by the end of this summer, I can start to wear some of my bigger saved clothes and do what is commonly called "closet shopping." I have some lovely clothes - once I can fit them again.


  1. Hi :) I didn't read your blog the first time you lost weight, but saw your updates pop up on Jeanette's blog list recently. I'm so excited to find a "new" blog I enjoy reading! Had to share some thoughts...
    1. When I was a plus size, I could never find clothes that fit because I was still small-chested! All the Lane Bryant, Torrid, etc. clothes were made for people with enormous breasts lol.
    2. If I were you I would try to find some compression pants for workouts. They ARE very tight, but they feel like they are massaging my muscles during my workout and have really reduced my soreness afterward.
    3. This bathing suit is on the expensive side but it is magic:
    It comes in a lot of different colors/patterns but the basic back gives you a general idea of what it looks like.

    Good luck and I can't wait to keep reading your entries :)

  2. Thanks for your recommendations Monique!

    I have a couple of pairs of compression type pants, but I really like a compression short with a skirt over top. No one wants to see (including me seeing myself) looking like a stuffed sausage. I feel better when I look better and if I'm worrying about how I look, I'm less likely to go out in public. I exercise either by walking (so, public) or at the gym, very public.

    I also CANNOT stand cotton t-shirts for exercise. They get wet, they cling, they feel horrible. I always wear a cool max or dry fit type top - ALWAYS.

  3. And... that suit is really cute, but I can't wear it. I have boobs and they have BALLOONED up in size with my weight gain. They are heavy and there is no way I can wear anything that ties around the neck. I have neck issues already and adding a weight to it would be impossible for me. But thanks for the suggestion. It's super cute!

  4. No problem! When I found that suit I bought it in about 5 different colors I loved it so much :) Finding the right clothes is definitely key to getting a great workout. I find that compression pants and a cotton tank top do the trick for me, but of course everyone is different.

  5. I know it is strange, and I normally would not even suggest it.... but the last few times I have been in Kmart (of all places) they have had clearance racks, and all of the clothes that caught my eye as something I would wear were all things in plus sizes. As in, I was trying to figure out if I am a good enough seamstress to get a 3x to fit me (NO!). The last time I was there was a month ago, but since you are not looking for nice clothes that would last for years, it may be worth checking out.