Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Mother's day gifts (will arrive early)

Yep, I did it. I ordered BOTH the Withings scale and blood pressure monitor. I got the scale new, but on sale  (as you can't find them used) and got the monitor used. I will check the BP monitor against my mother in law's monitor which was just checked against the doctor's monitor to be sure it's accurate, but for $50 shipped, it's a good deal.

How many people get a scale or even WANT a scale for Mother's Day? I might be one of the very, very few.

Which ironically, came up when I asked the person selling the blood pressure monitor. I asked him the condition and why he was selling it. His response cracked me up:

No as new. Just don't use it. I'm not really all that health conscious. My wife thought I would like to track my blood pressure. I asked her if I should buy her a scale. Enough said.
Well, here I wanted a scale for a gift, but how would I have reacted if my husband just bought one for me without asking? I probably wouldn't like it. Especially since I wanted a specific one. And I would definitely balk if it was something as a "hint". If you know what I mean.

So... my new gizmos will be arriving soon. As well as the larger strap to the BodyMedia Fit Core. They were having a sale on bands, so for $10 shipped it was worth getting especially since I'm paying membership and should USE it!

Within the week I should be using my new gizmos and sharing my new tracking methods. Now it's just time to stalk the mail carrier and deliverymen.

On actual Mother's Day my husband is giving a talk at our Ethical Society (where I am Sunday School Director) and I'll be organizing things for Mother's Day there. We also NEVER go out to eat on Mother's day as it's a zoo. While I don't like to cook on my birthday or Mother's Day, I also don't like waiting in lines and getting terrible service just because it's a "day" everyone celebrates. So, Mother's Day, as always, will be extremely low key. These gifts to myself will be the bulk of it - and that's perfectly fine!

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