Sunday, April 6, 2014


I finally tracked down a fabric tape measure. I refused to buy another one even though they are only a buck at Joanne's (or at least they used to be) because I know I have at least four of them!

So... Tracked it down and took measurements.  I took more than I did the first time around because I learned that the body drops from different parts of the body at different times and sometimes it's where you didn't measure!  I didn't measure EVERYTHING, but enough.

So... weight was 240.6 (Saturday) when I took these measurements. I compare them to the weight I was when I took similar measurements at a similar weight of 239.2

                                   February 28, 2011:            April 5, 2014:

Widest Bust:                        46                               47 
Under Bust:                                                            39
Narrowest Waist sucked in: 40                               41

Narrowest Waist relaxed:                                       44
Belly Button sucked in:                                          44

Belly Button relaxed:                                              47
Widest part of Hips:            49                                49
Upper Thighs:                     28.5                             28
Widest part of Calf:                                                17.5

Upper Arms:                       16.5                             17
Neck:                                                                      16.25
Wrist:                                                                        7.25

So my gut reaction was that I was slightly bigger in the boobs and mid-section than before and my legs were a bit thinner. Ah, the classic apple shape getting more and more pronounced as I enter menopause territory.  That's another great reason to get with the program and lose weight, but more important get fit. I don't want to turn into a complete apple!

In other news, my blood pressure (with medication) is getting much better. It was 127/82. I'm pretty sure it's safe for me to exercise now. I see the NP on Monday, so I'll see. For today and tomorrow I'll just plan on some light walking and then I'll amp it up and then hopefully, very quickly cut back on the blood pressure medication with more added fitness and improving thyroid function.

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