Sunday, April 13, 2014

A blog change and a not nice discovery

First, I want to thank a kind someone for informing me that I had my settings of the blog set so that only registered users (of google) could comment on my blog. I changed that so everyone can post. I had no idea I had it set up that way!

Second, I have been wearing my fitness gizmo a few days and it did feel a little snug, but I thought it was mostly that my arms were squishy. Well, it must truly be a bit tight as I have bruises all along my underarm.. I already had it at the loosest setting, so it's just too tight.

A bit over a year ago my old band had to be thrown away because the part that held the computer thingee snapped after a lot of use. Well, the first one I had was the Plus size band. When I bought the replacement band I bought the regular size. Well, I went and plus sized myself, so the regular size is just too tight.  Now I have to decide if I want to buy a larger one or just wait until I get to regular size again. Dilemma -and boo!!!!

The scale the last three days finally stopped moving. Actually it even went up a couple ounces, despite my eating being spot on. Who knows the reason, but the honeymoon quick weight loss is over and it was a measly 5 pounds. Oh the days of a fast metabolism is certainly gone! Pfffft to middle age!

Other than that it's spring break for the kids, so we'll be doing stuff together and hopefully getting more of our yard together (we spent about 4 hours on it yesterday). I definitely have more energy and I think it has everything to do with more light and the depression disappearing.

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