Friday, April 18, 2014

I need a walking buddy

I love walking for exercise. I absolutely love it. But... I don't like to do it by myself very often. I get bored. I'm not a person who likes to just be stuck in my head for an hour or more.

When my husband swims laps (that's like the most boring exercise on the planet, IMO), he says he concentrates on one less stroke per lap. Or his breathing, etc. He's totally into his movement in the water - the entire time. He enjoys it. That is where he is showing his introverted side way more than me.

I need people. It's why I blog. It's why I use Facebook and forums. I need to interact with people, especially as a stay at home mom.  Exercise is no exception. I have too much time to be in my head - especially with kids with ADHD and Autism.

When I'm starting this exercise thing back up, I'm wanting to combine the gym with walking, but when?  My husband will walk with me once around the lake in the evening, but that's not enough. I need more.

I thought about starting a meetup group for walking, but it's a bit pricey. There is a Maryland hiking group where I can put in a request. If I'm the "leader" of that particular walk, then I would be obligated to be there - that's a good thing - forcing me to do it!

Ah, that's the other thing. When it's just me, it's very easy to talk myself out of it. I can say, "Oh, I should go for a walk." I get distracted and before I know it, it's time to go do something else. Plus, the idea of it, again, bores me. Even though I love the walk, I miss the company.

I have a local friend who is willing to walk once in awhile, but not often enough to make it a commitment. (though I should probably try and see if she would commit to once a week or something). And, overall, I just hardly know anyone and it feels odd to ask a near stranger, "Hey, want to take walks with me?" I always feel like a little kid that is asking, "Will you be my friend, please?" So, I'm sort of extroverted... but not really.

So... I need to do something about it. Sigh... but what? Maybe I'll start with the hiking group to see if that works the best.

Know what else would work? A long distance walking buddy too - someone to talk to WHILE I walk. Why not? Though... finding some local buddies would be a good thing. I'm tired of being a loner here.


  1. I feel similar to you on this topic! I get a little bored walking so much (even though the world is big and beautiful and interesting, all those hours add up eventually!)... I started listening to podcasts, like Jillian Michaels podcast, while walking... I almost feel like I am part of a conversation listening to other people talk. Also, I always make it a goal to walk through the WHOLE podcast (usually 45mins - an hour) which is good for my activity levels!

    1. I've thought about doing something like that. I do not like to listen to music, but a podcast would probably be OK. Won't get me out the door, but might keep me entertained once I'm actually doing it.

  2. Why is it pricey to start a meetup group? You could post fliers at the library, church, or Fleet Feet (or other sporting goods store). Tell people to meet you at a park, trail, or any other free place on a specific day/time. People would probably be really grateful to you for starting a group!

    Are there any walking groups that already exist near you on I love that website! I have found lots of fun, free groups that way :)

    1. Because is no longer free to those who start meetup groups - for the organizers. It's free to join an existing group, but if you want to start one, it has a monthly fee of $12 a month if you commit to 6 months. Or $19 monthly.

      There is ONE walking group in my area. And it's for the entire state of maryland and it's called a "hiking" group and it's super active. Maybe too active as I find I just hit delete to the several emails I get a day for various walks in the entire MD, DC, and Northern Virginia area as it's bombardments from easy walks, dog walks, serious, tough hikes from anywhere from five minutes to 2 hours away from where i live.

    2. Hmm, maybe yours could just be unofficial and unrelated to the website? Like put up fliers that say, "I'm going walking M, Tues, W at such and such place from this time to this time, meet me there!"

      I was going to ask, have you checked for any support groups for parents of ADHD or autistic kids? I know there are a couple of those groups near me, and I have recommended them to parents of students I teach. I hear from the parents that the groups are a great outlet.

    3. My experience with hanging things up is that no one reads. Plus, I find it a little scary. Kind of like setting myself up for someone to attack me! Meet me here!

      And there is "technically" an autism group locally, but they are very inactive. I get occasional emails, but they never respond to anything on their web page forums.

  3. Announcing "Meet me here!" can be scary, but I usually figure if it's in a public place it will be okay. Everyone has their own comfort level though :)

    Sorry to hear your autism group is not super active. It seems to be a great resource for parents here.

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend and I hope the podcast idea works out well for you!

  4. I sympathize Melissa on finding a walking buddy. It can be harder than it looks. Walking is my primary form of exercise; I just love it. I just moved three weeks ago from a really nice part of Maryland with wonderful walking paths and was never able to find someone to walk with.

    I ended up walking by myself for the whole six years I lived there and still really enjoyed it, just think it would have been nicer with a buddy.

    Good luck; hope you find someone soon!

    1. You didn't happen to live in Columbia, MD?