Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treat days coming up - and I am not sure how I want to handle that

In the next couple weeks I have Easter (which is both Orthodox and Christian Easters this year). My son's 9th birthday and then a party where I am making a cake.

I am on a roll and doing very well. I'm down 7 pounds in a bit over 2 weeks (beginner's luck with me). I'm being more moderate with eating this time through. Like, the other day we grilled burgers. Last year, I would have skipped the bun and just eaten the burger and sides, but this time I let myself have the burger bun because I really wanted it and felt I would be missing something if I did. It's the only second simple carb I've had in 2 weeks, so I allowed it.

And I'm wanting to go that route so that I don't feel as deprived. I did feel terribly deprived at times the last go around. I was so focused on getting to goal, that I didn't allow myself much leeway for the entire first year until Christmas and then I went crazy and had to reel it in.

I do need to be careful as I do have a tendency for sugar issues (but even with going crazy this last time my sugars weren't terribly off).

This time, I'm wanting to enjoy the simple things, but also sticking to the plan most of the time.

In many ways Easter isn't that difficult. I didn't grow up with much eating tradition with Easter, but my husband's family did - very strictly. Basically, my mother in law cannot imagine Easter without ham and eggs for breakfast. I like ham, so fine. We can do that. For dinner, as our own family tradition, we have started having grilled lamb for dinner. Again, not something for me to worry about for the day. I'll go over in calories, but it's not something that will lead to sugar issues.

We do Easter baskets for the whole family and I got myself a few dark chocolate bars that will last me a couple months. That's easy too. I won't go crazy eating dark chocolate and I do like  a small piece for my treat almost every day.

The things on the menu for Easter that are a bit 'carby' is Pereci, but that even is mostly egg whites. That is a sweeter pretzel that you dip in your coffee.

Then there is the traditional Easter bread which is more like a denser brioche. Again, not really Easter without those two things.

Two days later it's my younger son's birthday. Of course I have to make him a cake. He wants a Minions cake. I first thought of making him minions out of gumpaste, but I figured he would rather play with them then look at them and throw them away. I'll make something using these figures.

A few days after that I am making a cake for another party. And that party I'm sure I'll eat more than normally and will want a piece of cake.

A week after that and it's Mother's Day - thank goodness we don't do food things for Mother's Day.

Problem will be with the Pereci and the crnica bread is that I will want more than one. I have to somehow make the batches smaller so that there aren't many leftovers to tempt me. It's much easier when we go somewhere and there isn't the temptation or ability even to take more than one piece!

But... I think I'll be OK. Motivation is really high right now, so jumping back on program shouldn't be difficult.

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  1. April and May re landmines for me as well. We had a family event early in the month that we went out for, my birthday is next week, my son's birthday is a week after mine and then there is Mother's Day. Last year, I don't think I really handles it that well. Lots of individual choices were good, but the calories added up. So for my birthday I picked a restaurant where I could get a reasonable meal and I nixed a cake...but then I had ice cream after dinner. My son wanted to go to a high calorie restaurant and to have a cookie cake and I ate all of that (I did watch portions some), and then on Mother's Day we had BBQ which was not a great choice. I didn't feel deprived but it did start a spiraling up where I gained 10 pounds. This year I am really going to be much more careful with my choices and have really small portions of some things (my son's cake) and avoid others (no ice cream on my birthday but I will go to a nice restaurant). It is tough though when there is a lot of stuff right in a row.