Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Days like today are times I can tell my thyroid is messed up

I simply cannot get going today. I checked my blood pressure to make sure it was ok (119/78) with resting heart rate of 59.

I am just worn out after several days of running, running, running with getting ready for Easter and then my son's birthday. Friday through Tuesday was non-stop GO!!!! And today... I'm crashed. I have no energy whatsoever and I have a disasterous kitchen - see that background? That was taken last night. It STILL looks that way. I just don't have the energy to tackle it - mentally or physically.

I have a cake to make for this weekend too... and I just don't see how I'll muster the energy right now. I know I will be then, but even thinking about it now makes me even more tired.

So, I've been trying to do some computer work instead and even that is going slow as my brain is on slo-mo today.

So... a few of you asked about photos. OK.... here are some photos of the finished violets. There are about 220 here. I could harvest thousands more, but I'm done for this year. Spent a bit over 2 hours to candy these.

Then, my son's birthday. It was an awesome birthday. I tried a new cake, but none of us liked it. It wasn't "bad", but it wasn't great either. So much for a red velvet cake done naturally (using beets instead of red dye). I used this recipe.

I gave myself leeway with my son's birthday cake. I knew he would be happy with whatever I did, so I went simple and used real toys versus making them out of fondant or gumpaste. And he was happy with how it looked. Since his birthday is on Earth Day, I had the Minions making a garden on top of the cake - a lollipop garden! Then, on the side peeps and Minions 'hiding' among them.  It was cute and simple enough.  Just wish the clean-up from cake making was simple.

Seriously, I think the mess is the #1 reason people don't make their own cakes and buy them instead. Ugh... I hate cleaning up cake mess! And this one isn't even that bad as I didn't do much decorative frosting/icing!

As far as eating went yesterday. It was "mostly" OK. I had a small piece of cake, but way too much sampling of the cream cheese frosting. Oh is that stuff DANGEROUS!  But all is good today and it wasn't "terrible" yesterday either.

Editing to Add: Well, talking about being lazy got me into gear. I just went and cleaned up the kitchen.


  1. The violets came out really pretty. I love your little boy's cake as well. I like the real toys on top; not only was it less work for you but he has something to play with.

    I think you need to press the older family members into service to help clean up the kitchen. Little guy is exempt since it was his special day.

    Also, frosting should be classified by the FDA as a controlled substance. Highly addictive!

    1. Well, that's my "deal" of being a stay at home mom. I do the cooking and cleaning for the most part. My teen helps with some of it, but not usually kitchen stuff. It's his job to vacuum and help with yard work and various other tasks I give him.

      And yes.... icing is a drug!