Friday, July 3, 2015

The scale is going down, but what?

Maybe I didn't do as well at the conference as I thought I did?  Seriously?  The scale jumped up two pounds and is now slowly working its way down.  I'm still not down to where I was during the trip.  I'm beginning to be rather perplexed!

I'm looking over my caloric intake for the past two weeks. It's well below my BMR.  It was for the trip too.  There is absolutely no reason I can see for the climb up or the slow climb down.  I have no idea where I am in my cycle.  I could be having an anovulatory cycle, but I simply don't understand being mostly still for 2 weeks.... Or better put, slowly falling, a quick rise and slowly falling again.

I'm not discouraged, but I'm not happy.  Even if I weighed in weekly, the previous two weeks are basically carbon copies of each other. Argh!

I'm not giving in, but frustration has set in. Blah! I expected my losses to slow down, but not erase!!!

Where is the read out from our brain that lets us know, "you are holding water today."  Or, "you ingested this many calories and your breakdown of carbs, protein, fats were as follows, so you should see a .2 drop on the scale today." " Sorry, for no loss on the scale today, we are holding water because of too much salt in the diet", etc.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Kind of like the computer in the Willly Wonka movie! I could deal with these unexplained things if they weren't unexplained!

Oh well... Trodding onward hopefully more downward soon!

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