Saturday, July 18, 2015

2 months into the reboot!

Today marks two months into the reboot and I'm very happy with my progress!

Here's my stats so far:

Top entries are from my weight loss from 4.5 years ago. Bottom entries are from this weight loss. Start weights are close.

And here's how it looks in chart form:

So, first month I lost 20.2 pounds. This month I lost 11.4 and that includes being away at a conference where food was included!!!

Another big deal to me is that I've started to closet shop. With being down over 30 pounds, I am finding all my clothes getting really baggy. Today I tried on the skort I had bought at Goodwill 2.5 months ago that I couldn't even begin to zip up. Now I can wear it and it fits perfectly - no muffin top or anything. Last Sunday I wore a dress I hadn't been able to wear at the beginning of this reboot.

Now, allllll of these clothes are still my super fat clothes, but they aren't my SUPER DUPER FAT clothes. That felt good. It shows physical signs of getting significantly smaller. Yay!!!

Now, we leave for vacation tomorrow afternoon for 6 days. Here's to hoping I can MAINTAIN for that time. I have no goal of losing, but maintaining my current losses would be awesome. Let's see if it works!

Feeling pretty good:

Reboot 5/18/15:
Lost 31.6 pounds since the reboot.

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