Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry it's been a couple of days!

Life just got busy. I try to write late at night to post sometime midday next day, but I got way busy. I had a cake to make, an event to go to, then work (which had a later than usual meeting on Sunday), and then on Monday I was just wicked tired as I hadn't slept well the night before because I was vexing about which treadmill desk to get!

So, I got up early on Tuesday to write!

First, weight stuff. It's still going down, but it's slowed up. I didn't help it by eating a carb heavy day on Saturday, but I made a delicious cake (light passion fruit white cake, injected with passion fruit curd, and then iced with passion fruit Italian buttercream).  It was divine - that perfect combination of sweet and sour.

However, despite eating within my calorie limit for the day, the scale jumped up a pound because of eating more carbs than my body is used to. (Glycogen holds water).  Scale has now release that water weight, but not much more progress downward other than that.

Now, about treadmill desk.  I "was" going to get the one I talked about the other day, but decided against it. I do not want to wait until December to get the treadmill part of the treadmill desk. THEN, I opted to go with a bigger desk so I can sit and stand/walk side by side.  I came to this conclusion after realizing I would have to have two places in my office to work, OR I would have to sit on a small stool/chair on top of the treadmill. Which is fine and people do it, but it would mean, ultimately, spending more money and I would have a possibly less comfortable chair. This option (larger desk) also means, if I hate it, I can take it home and see if my husband likes it.

Then, I found on another site, a scratch and dent section of their bamboo tops which is better than the laminate at the other place. And it has a longer warranty period etc. So, decision is made.

Then.... how come I'm having a horrible time pressing the "buy" button? When it comes down to it, I hate spending big money! I can spend a little here or a little there all the time, but big money makes me NERVOUS!

But this is what I'm getting. I think... I'm trying to decide now between a 72" wide and 83" wide. I can't quite decide if it will make the room feel tight upon entering or not if it's a bigger table/desk. Thoughts on my design here? There is one big window - floor to 8 feet that is on the top. the other things on the wall mark where there are electrical outlets (that stick out 2-4" from the wall, depending on the wall. I would have to cut out the back of one cabinet to get it to fit properly, but just the one. Bigger problem is that there is an air vent in front of the big window. I don't want to put the treadmill over it, but it will be TIGHT with the smaller desk... as it's shown in the upper configuration, the treadmill would be covering the vent by about 3 inches. I would have to slide the treadmill closer to the chair. Or, move the whole desk over 3-5 inches and then the difference between 72 and 83 inches for a desk is cut in half without the extra desk space to make up for it.

The bottom image would have no problems with the air vent, but perhaps entering the room RIGHT into a desk/table would feel bad/off putting. So... get squished a bit or feel squeezed at the door?

The cabinets shown along the left wall in the room are 96" tall (on 4 inch legs, so 100" tall) wardrobe cabinets. They are currently in the classrooms and will be moved out when we get new ones that will go in the hallway versus the classroom. They are plain white and need a bit of work (paint) and better interior fittings, but reusing makes the most sense.

That will replace these cubby things in my office that are beat up and non-adjustable. Their interior 11" space makes them pretty difficult to use for more than kid lit and the kid lit books are moving to another office, so they are just not serving a useful purpose any more. (unless we use one or both in the  other room).

BUT... that means the same problem persists that has been always persisted in that office - lack of horizontal space, which is why I'm leaning towards an 83" wide desk.

Ah... decisions!!!

Editing to add, according to room set up folks and feng shui, I should set up the room like this:

However, for a desk that is tall and open (more like a table), at most I could add a 12 inch modesty panel. I think that would look silly.

Or, there is this arrangement too - but again crowds the door and crowds the treadmill AND it means rerouting wires up and around the door frame because internet/phone is on the right side of the room. And, I would max out at the 72" table (above is 83")


  1. if all you need is a flat desk - why not go to home depot and get a slab door? they are 80". also, i like your first layout.

  2. I need a desk that will adjust for walking and sitting which means height adjustable.