Friday, July 17, 2015

Vacation plans and my fingers are crossed

We are going to the Boston area for 6 days. We did this trip 4 years ago and it was right around the time I was approaching a big milestone weight. I tried really hard to stay on plan and walked and did a lot, but even with the best efforts, I gained a pound.  That was probably mostly water weight.

This time I'm approaching eating differently and bringing a scale, so it makes me wonder  how the week will go,  I will still follow a pattern of fasting most of the time with just eating one meal a day and a light snack for the other meal (just half and half in my coffee for breakfast). It worked for the conference, so it should work for this! I'm hopeful!

Now, keep your fingers crossed for me too. I might have a sweet deal on a treadmill desk lined up.  I'll know today or tomorrow probably.

And a nice little drop on the scale today.  Tomorrow will be 2 months on plan, so we will see what the totals are!

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