Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trying to figure out how to sit less

Since I had my shoulder injury 4 years ago, I've also developed some neck and back issues, probably stemming from compensating for the shoulder injury in the right arm. It is aggravated by sitting so much, so I need to figure out how to sit less.

I've thought about a treadmill desk.  I've thought about a standing desk. I try to get up and move in the office every hour, but reality is, I sit an awful lot.  Much more than I did as a stay at home mom where I was always fiddling with something or doing something.

I am adding in daily walks and will soon add in step aerobics, but that still doesn't eliminate the hours and hours of sitting I do each day,

Cost is a big thing. In this case, getting healthy is expensive!  I have a teeny tiny office. I'm not complaining as I am so happy to have my office - big window and all overlooking some beautiful homes on the middle street of DC.  I just have to be super mindful of what I put in the office.

I can get used, a whole new office suite (my office needs a major overhaul with furniture) and a new ergonomic chair  for about $1200 including delivery from what I see in ads. I could keep the desk I have and pick up a new chair and credenza for about $800 (ergonomic chairs are expensive!) (These are just sort of mock-ups of how the room might look/function with each option).

Another option is to get a sit and stand desk and ergonomic chair and credenza (making it possible to someday get a treadmill too) for about $2000.

Or, I can get a sit/stand desk with treadmill and a credenza for storage and an ergonomic chair for about $3000 with delivery included.

See my dilemma?  In all cases it would be out of pocket.  I work for a nonprofit and don't expect anyone to pay for my furnishings for an upgrade.  I need a credenza (getting rid of two very old and beat up, yet functional bookcases cubbies) as my office has no horizontal space and I need that space for storage and work space.  The credenza could probably get covered, but nothing more.

But, would I use it?  I am getting continual neck and back strain from sitting so much.  Perhaps just getting the more ergonomic chair would help.

Wish I could get a prescription saying I need such a thing for my health and then it would be partly covered by insurance.  And so, I am going to take more ibuprofen, for the 8th day in a row for my neck strain headache.

And on other updates... 13th day in a row that my weight is staying mostly steady.  THAT is getting old too!

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  1. You are really giving this all you've got, Melissa. That's highly commendable of you, as it is the absolute right mindset for this. I hope you continue to explore all options in dealing with your shoulder injury. Good luck, and take care!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol