Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How hunger differs from day to day

I just came off of two days I really wasn't very hungry. At the end of the day when I tallied my caloric intake, both days were around 800-900.  Now, I didn't set out to eat that little. I just wasn't hungry. If anything, I felt super full (and even worried that maybe I was getting sick!) as how could I feel satiated with so few calories?

Well, today, I feel ravenous! I'm still doing my fasting for the most part during the day (half and half in the coffee and a protein bar until dinner time), but today, the first time this ENTIRE 7 weeks since being back on the program, I'm hungry. I'm more than hungry. I'm ravenous!

And I would eat a snack, but we are having flank steak for dinner. And broccoli from the farmer's market. I might even eat a small potato. Potatoes, for whatever reason, don't affect my blood sugar levels - unlike most people. While I do not have sugar issues, I also don't want to spike my insulin because that will just make me feel hungrier! Dinner is looking to be about  900 calories and will be super filling. I want to be able to eat that meal and not have to say, "no" to more of any of it. No snack will taste as good as that meal! (I love grilled flank steak!)

I'm just glad I don't usually feel hungry! If I still feel hungry after dinner, I'll eat a snack.

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