Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good thing I don't rely on the rhythm method...

...for birth control! No wonder so many babies were 'oops' babies to moms in their 40s. I have absolutely NO SIGNS of ovulation any more, except.... for the slight weight gain before ovulation and then a couple days after it, a steady fall for at least 10 days.

I used to have all kinds of signals for my fertile period of the month. My cervical fluid changed. My libido jumped up, my temperature spiked. (OK, maybe my temp still spikes, but I don't take temps any more now that I'm not trying to have a baby. We use safe forms of birth control!) Now? NADA!!! Except for noticing when I'm dieting that my weight starts to fall off.

I'm .2 pounds away from 25 pounds and I sure hope tomorrow will be the magic day!

I even stayed within caloric range on the 4th of July when we went to a party. I skipped my dinky lunch for the day, had my my burger with tons of veggies, and then had a spoonful of my favorite dessert in the whole, wide world (if you're reading Mary Ellen - yes, YOUR dessert is my FAVORITE). It's a strawberry cheesecake trifle (and for 4th of July, Mary Ellen adds blueberries, so it's even red, white and blue). I think I could, quite literally, eat the whole thing by myself. It is that gooooood. I got the recipe many years ago and have never made it, but SOMEDAY I will... YUM!

Anyway, see? You can still eat the things you enjoy and not go overboard! I felt like I got exactly what I wanted to eat at the party and no regrets about it later! YUM!!! (Can I say yum again? :-)  )

So, things are moving downward FINALLY. Yay!!!!

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