Thursday, July 16, 2015

Next iteration of office layout

I have gone back and forth with so many options, but I think I've finally settled on something. STORAGE is the key, but when I went to the classrooms to really investigate the storage downstairs, I realized that I wouldn't be able to live with those cabinets in my office. One, they are semi-built in.  Removing them will mean repairing the floor and the walls. AND there is so much surface damage to these units. In the LEAST, I would want to take off the doors and just have interior storage things put in like this, just with more shelves:
But when I was looking at this on IKEA, I saw the Stolmen series. Now... whoa! What is this??? I got excited. I could get shelves and drawers and horizontal work space off the floor and up to 10 feet tall (and I have ten foot ceilings). And it's more airy, so I will feel less boxed in.That's all BONUS! With a few tweaks, I can get them wall to wall too.

Here's a similar set up to what I'm thinking about - just more upper shelves:

I also went back and forth on type of treadmill and desk one last time.  Big desk? Smaller desk? One for computer and sitting and one for laptop and walking. So many options! But, I'm sticking with my previous plan - large desk for sitting and walking. I simply don't have room to have two desks in my office.

Scale is the same for the last few days! Grrr....

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