Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My attitudes have shifted

So, finally catching up since coming back from vacation and I notice some very good things about myself.

One, I enjoyed my vacation. I TRIED to stay mostly with in my plan and that mostly succeeded for 4.5 of the 6 days. The last 36 hours were a bit haywire with eating because I had less control over it, but even then, it was moderate.

I weighed myself the first two days and then stopped. At that time I was eating no more than 1200 calories and I was gaining a pound a day. I could see the trend and could see that there was nothing I could do about it and torturing myself by watching the rise wasn't going to help my mood - especially since I had been following the plan to a T.

I didn't weigh myself the morning we came back as I knew I was bloated and not in the mood for seeing a high weight for very little indulgence. But I did weigh in the second day... a full 6 pounds heavier than from before vacation. AMAZING!

I KNOW that the new low I had was probably a fluke - perhaps not, but a likelihood. And I know it is not possible for me to have gained more than a pound TOPS while on this vacation. And well, I'm OK with the higher weight as I know it's temporary.

I didn't stress about having to make my mother in law's birthday cake. I enjoyed a sampling of the frosting and a small (half the size of everyone else's) piece. I will do the same today.

Scale is down 2 pounds already (in 2 days) and I know it will just keep falling. This vacation didn't derail me. Seeing the jump on the scale didn't derail me. Having to deal with cake didn't derail me... and for the first time, it didn't upset me. Whenever I've lost weight before and had this glycogen weight gains with eating more carbs, I would get so frustrated with the progress "lost". Now? I know I'll lose the glycogen weight and I know this is just part of a long term weight loss. And it's funny I have this acceptance because in so, so many ways, I'm more impatient with this weight loss because I just want to get back to where I was 2 years ago. Yet somehow, I've mellowed a bit and in a good way.

In other news, I'm still looking at getting a treadmill desk. The amazing deal I "thought" I had lined up fell through as there was no way to get the treadmill from Bergen County, NJ to here. It's almost worth renting a truck and driving up to get it, but... my husband would kill me and after driving all that way TWICE in a month, I'm not feeling up to it again - just to pick up a 50% off treadmill with full warranty!!!

 But, I do think for my office I want this kind of treadmill desk - one that can be a regular treadmill AND can fold away as well as act as a desk, walking treadmill. For home, getting a sit and stand and walk HUGE desk makes more sense. 

And today my mother in law leaves for a 2 month trip to Croatia... Can you see me smiling through the monitor? It probably looks like this:

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