Sunday, July 19, 2015

Scale is unbelievably cooperative!

All packed for our trip! We leave today around 3 pm or thereabouts.

The scale gave me a nice parting gift of dropping a pound overnight. Perhaps a fluke, perhaps not - only time will tell! Driving 7-8 hours today will definitely make me hold water though, so I won't be holding my breath on a good weigh in tomorrow!

Today I did more closet shopping. I'm wearing a dress again this week I couldn't fit 2 months ago AND I packed a pair of shorts that were too small for me too. Swapping those out for ones now 2 sizes too big for me (and were being held up by the tie string as otherwise the quite literally fell off. They were a tad loose before the weight loss - 32 pounds in and they are WAY loose).

But I'm all set to tackle this vacation! All days I'll try to keep low carb except for the night/day we go to this fantabulous pizza place in Boston. I am NOT dieting or watching carbs that day as that's the best pizza in the whole wide world!!

And now... work!!!

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