Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These last pounds take FOREVER

I went to blogger stats today and saw someone had looked at a post I had written back in August. For some reason I looked at it to see what it was. And there I saw I weighed 187 point something late August. I've only lost 14 pounds in 4 months since then. That was utterly depressing to see. I lost 14 pounds a month the first couple months! What????

And it's not like I've been falling off the wagon left and right. I had one month off - tis true and I gained in that month and had to relose (and I'm still trying to relose those 5 pounds). AND... it seems in winter I'm a bit hungrier, but still. I should be losing faster than I am. Even the little gizmo is telling me thatI am burning about 500 more calories a day than I'm consuming on average, but am I really? That would be about 1 pound a week. I would be so happy with one pound a week right now! Instead, for the month of February it seems I have lost a bit over 2 pounds for the month (one more day to see the end results).

Yes, it's a loss and a loss is a good thing and it's much better than gaining or even maintaining, of course, but oh. my. gosh. this. is. slow!!! Ugh!!!!

Deep breaths Melissa. This is for life, remember? Some months it will be easier to lose weight. Other months more difficult. What I'm learning (and my past experience should have prepared me for this) is that winter is a hard time to lose weight - especially for me who seems to have some seasonal affect disorder stuff going on. Short days, cloudy days, rainy days really affect my mood. Guess what today is? A heavily rainy day.

My goal for today was to clean the stairs in the hallway, but I'm not going to do it today because I need better light and no real outside light will be helpful today. That front entryway is so dark because of one dim light and no door or windows near it. Usually when we check the mail we keep the door open while we sort it. My mother in law has her bedroom and living room off the entrance way and she always keeps those doors close. I think if I would have really been aware of that I would have insisted we replace our front door with another door with glass instead of flat like we did. Oh well. Too late now.

Instead today I'll make my son a 1/2 birthday cake (it's only his 4th half birthday and since he had pneumonia on his birthday and didn't have cake until a few months later, he deserves a treat) and make some yogurt and some snack stuff for the kids as they are running low again. Maybe I'll sort through my kitchen pantry items too as I have some stuff I'll never use that is just taking up space at this point. I have to do something productive to help me out of this weather, scale and sleep deprived funk.

Doing bodypump and bodystep tonight at the gym. That, at least, I'm looking forward to!

Stats for 2/29/12:

Highest weight: 275 Now: 173.4

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