Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Been feeling cruddy

Just as I got this new BodyMedia Fit Core, all ready to use with exercise, I caught my son's cold and I've been a slug. I can't be a slug today as my mother in law is coming home this evening and I have a ton of clean up to do in the dining/living area and kitchen and a backlog of laundry to do, but for the last two days I have basically been sitting on my duff.

The good news is that despite that, I am still burning more calories that I am consuming. Which is good at least. And today I'll be putting the fitness gizmo to the test - will it register the work around the house as moving and grooving. Or will it not pick it up as activity? We will see. I think there is hope as this morning before school drop off I started the dishes, hung the Valentine's decoration set and started a load of laundry. It already registered about half the steps it did for all day yesterday total (I really was a slug yesterday).

So... not much today. I have always gotten so completely drained from head colds. I don't know why, but they totally zap the energy from my body.

Scale is heading down. 2.8 pounds to go to get to my all time low and I really hope I get there by Valentine's day and start heading into new territory and out of the 170s very, very soon!

Stats for 2/8/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 174.0

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