Sunday, February 5, 2012

So freaking mad at my scale!

And now, not only am I mad at my scale, I'm mad at my iPad too as it deleted my post when I went to edit it. For some reason, my postings from the iPad don't show any paragraph breaks and since that is my main computer, that stinks! And this time, when trying to correct it, the page just disappeared. Ugh!

Anyway, I was mad at the scale today because I was soooooooo good yesterday and was fighting the urge to eat all day long and my reward was a pound gain on the scale this morning. I was so exasperated when I saw that this morning. I had worked out hard yesterday. I've been very consistent with working out despite our whacko schedule this past month and and my eating has been pretty spot on. And the scale just keeps slowly climbing up.

I know it's the time of the month I see gains typically, but it's not feeling good this month. I'm still trying to get to where I was before the holidays, so this just bites that I'm not even relosing the pounds I gained over the holidays. I've been in the 170s forever!

Rationally, I know the weight will come off. Rationally I know that the scale will catch up, but the rest of me right now just wants to the scale to cooperate.

Stats for 2/5/12:
Highest weight: 275. Now: 176.6

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