Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ugh... Another Valentine's Day

I just read my Valentine's day blog post from last year. It pretty much sums up everything about what I feel about Valentine's day.

This year is worse as I have a stupid cold and I've been avoiding getting too close to my husband as I don't want him to get it, so no real kisses either! I got a peck on the check this morning and a neck nuzzle and then he was off. He is soooo not a romantic. That was done out of "Oh, it's Valentine's Day - I guess I should show some affection".

My younger son is all excited about it today though. They have a party today AND they earned enough stars for following directions at school to have their pajama party, so he's wearing his pajamas too. He was bubbling over this morning with excitement and was so cute!

Last night we did the Valentine's cards and little boxes of hearts filled with M&M's. He was concentrating so hard on it and didn't want any help as this was an important job.

Of course he was up at the crack of dawn this morning, so I had more time for getting ready, so I made him a cute Valentine's day lunch. At least I can enjoy the day through his eyes.

I'm just feeling blah today - really blah. I'm tired of this cold and I'm tired of fighting (and losing) the munchies battle. I've decided that now that I'm closer to my ideal weight that winter is a hard time to lose weight. I'm just hungrier, so creating a calorie deficit is much harder. At this point I will be happy if I can maintain or lose just a little for the rest of this winter and then can gear back up in spring and summer when it is easier to eat light and to move more.

Not much else. I need to run some errands today and all that jazz... the dentist's office, making phone calls, volunteering at my son's school and dinner and dishes and all that crap. Basically a normal day.

Stats for 2/14/12:
Highest weight: 275 Now: 174.8 (dude and I've been misspelling highest for a long time as I cut and paste! Pathetic!)

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