Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh the things we do!

So, I was a lazy bum for the three weeks my mother in law was gone. I did laundry a few times to keep somewhat up to date. I cooked our food and did dishes every day, but that's about it. So, yesterday, the day she was coming home, I had to do the marathon cleaning session.

We share just two spaces in our house - the kitchen and the dining room area (which has a little sitting area). It had been awhile since I had done a deep clean of the kitchen and since my mother in law is one of these people who looks in every corner to find dirt and looks in ever crevice, I decided I needed to do a good cleaning.

Took me all flipping day long (along with 4 loads of laundry and a quick trip to the grocery store and making dinner). I scrubbed the cooktop, did a gazillion dishes by hand (cooking dishes), ran the dishwasher and loaded it. Cleaned the toaster oven, range hood, and microwave and then wiped down the fronts of all the appliances, cabinet fronts, counter tops and table and the drawer handles. Then it was picking up all the clutter in the rooms, hanging coats, rearranging things a bit in the closet, sorting mail, running the vacuum in those rooms plus entryway, and finally cleaning the litter boxes in the basement.

According to my nifty little BodyMedia Fit Core. I did this yesterday:

Steps taken: 8465
Calories burned: 2492
Active minutes: (moderate level, like taking a walk): 25 minutes
Vigorous minutes: (High level, like running): 00 minutes
Calories consumed: 1847 (which is about 400 more than I usually try to eat - but I was hungry)

So, I'm trying to figure out if that is accurate. I did take that many steps. That's not from arm movements, but steps. I was up, down and all around the house yesterday. It's equivalent to about 4.25 miles.

But, I'm not sure it registered that I was standing in front of the sink for almost an hour scrubbing stubborn spots on a few pans, or 30 plus minutes scrubbing similar stubborn spots on a cooktop (and please, if anyone has a secret on how to get off cooked on grease, please tell me, I cannot get all the black marks off around the cooktop burners). It has to burn more calories to be scrubbing than just standing still, right?

Basically I'm skeptical that it counted the calories correctly. Today I am wearing a pedometer and the Core to see if I do take as many steps as it registers (and that it's not counting arm movements as steps) and it does seem that it doesn't count arm movements, which makes sense because I'm right handed and so most of the scrubbing was with the right hand while I held the pot or pan with the left. Even with doing laundry, I move things from basket to machine with the right hand, not the left.

Anyway... I was putting the new gizmo through the paces yesterday and I'm not sure what to believe. Time will tell I guess. Good news too is that the scale is down a wee bit this morning which means I should see a much bigger loss tomorrow. I usually gain when on my feet so much.

I also had problems sleeping last night which bites. That is two nights out of three which is super unusual for me. Hope it stops! Busy day today again... and I'm still fighting a cold and deciding whether or not to go to the gym. I guess I'll see. It would be the ballroom class which was a lighter cardio day for me last time. Yoga tomorrow though, for sure.

Stats for 2/9/12:

Highest weight: 275  Now: 173.8
Total hours worked out in 2012: 27/250

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