Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some more tricks I'm learning

You would think that at 42 years old I would know myself well enough by now. Well, I'm still learning. And one thing I'm learning is how to get over sugar cravings. Writing down what I eat every day (well, I plug it into an iPhone app), I see patterns. I see that when I'm sleep deprived I make worse food decisions and when I'm not feeling well, I make worse food decisions. And usually I grab something carb heavy to boost me through the day. And those urges to eat sugar are strong! Well, I've been noticing a way that I've conquered eating a bit too many calories, too many carbs is by eating when my body says it needs to eat and wants sugar, but by giving it something high in protein and high in fat. It's totally not great health food and that day I might still end up too high on calories, but it keeps me from loading up on carbs that day and helps breaks the urge to eat carbs the days following it too. So, when I see it's going to be one of those days where I must want to eat cookies and cake and crap, I buy myself my favorite burger instead - taking off the top bun. I buy a bacon cheeseburger from wherever. It fills me up for hours and hours and it breaks the carb/sugar cravings for me every single time I've done it! I have been struggling with getting my calories down to 1450 or anywhere close because I was wanting carbs... I ate a burger on Wednesday and since then, including that day, my calories have been under 1500 and I haven't caved to sugars or even wanted to eat sugars. Ah-ha! The way to control MY urge to chow down on simple carbs is to eat a juicy hamburger. I feel like I indulged in something (and I have) and then magically the cravings disappear. I'm totally going to give myself permission from now on to do that sooner rather than later when I'm fighting sugar cravings. Why have I never realized that before? Stats for 2/19/12: Highest weight: 275. Now: 173.6 Total hours worked out in 2012: 36.5/250

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